Elizabeth Wright - How to Make Your School a Better Disability Ally

About the Session

Disability activism seeks to make the world a fairer and more equitable place for disabled people. To create sustainable change, however, disabled people need allies in the form of non-disabled people who are willing to learn from and stand with disabled people. A space where we can actively start to encourage disability allyship is in schools and it starts by building disability awareness into your curriculum- but where does a non-disabled teacher even begin to understand how to do this? Elizabeth will share with you some of her story, will build your understanding of what disability is and some of the issues that disabled people can face in the world. Most importantly though, she will share with you her top tips on how your school can become a better disability ally.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wright is a speaker, writer, Disability activist and consultant, who also happens to be a Paralympic Medalist. Elizabeth is also editor of Conscious Being, an online publication for disabled women by disabled women.

Elizabeth Wright

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