Elizabeth Swan - Putting Happiness on the Curriculum:  How Positive Psychology Improves the Well-being and Resilience of Pupils

About the Session

What is Positive Psychology? -> What is Positive Education?

How does this fit in the new educational landscape? (Trying to avoid the phrase “new normal”)

Draw on examples from Australia and Canada.

How can we integrate positive psychology into our curriculum to improve the well-being and happiness of pupils and staff – using interventions that are based on scientific research.

(Ensuring this isn’t another Braingym!)

Applying the principles of positive psychology in our own life – putting the oxygen mask on yourself on a plane before your children.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Swan is a former Headteacher, SENDCo, teacher, published author and keynote speaker. A lifelong learner and passionate pursuant of positive psychology, Elizabeth uses her experience across mainstream and specialist settings working with school leaders, educators, parents and pupils to improve well-being and overcome barriers to learning.

Elizabeth Swan

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