Dr Helen Ross - Inclusion and Technology: 21st Century Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

About the Session

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This session explores the capacity of technology to transform learners’ self-esteem, confidence and achievement through the use of technology to support them to become independent learners, equipped for life in a modern world.

About Helen

Dr Helen Ross is a fully qualified special needs teacher and former SENCO, currently working in a mainstream school in Wiltshire. Helen’s research explores stakeholder experiences of SEND provision within the mainstream education sector, focussing on the empowerment of young people to take ownership of their own learning journeys. She is a qualitative researcher, using methods grounded within Bourdieu’s sociological project to explore barriers to participation in learning and engagement with institutions.

She also provides expert advice and research consultancy, as well as specialist assessments for dyslexia/specific learning difficulties and CPD, through her own enterprise ‘Helen’s Place’. Helen is an advisor to the British Dyslexia Association and is Chair of the Wiltshire Dyslexia Association. She has consulted for the British Dyslexia Association, The Committee for Science and Technology, and Wiltshire Local Authority.

Helen regularly speaks on dyslexia and special educational needs.

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Dr Helen Ross

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