Darrell Wakelam – Cardboard Construction – 3D Birds

About the Session

Darrell will explain some of the basic construction techniques he uses to create his cardboard sculptures and in the process he will explore them by making 3D birds. These sculptures will involve simple, easy to learn, methods and will require just basic materials . . . if you want to join in you will simply need a pair of scissors, a roll of tape and some scrap cardboard that is thin enough for you to cut, fold and bend into shapes. A cereal box will be adequate!

About Darrell

Darrell is a visual artist based in Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast.

He provides tailor-made art workshops, projects and staff training sessions for schools, museums, theatres and other educational organisations using methods and techniques he has developed throughout his career.

The majority of his work is made up of 3D models, masks and sculptures created using cardboard construction, paper mache and collage techniques. These range from simple ‘one fold’ ideas to much more complex and elaborate models which sometimes take days to complete.

Darrell has been providing art workshops for over thirty years and has worked for hundreds of different clients nationwide. He has experience of working with children and young people of all ages and abilities and from a diverse variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Over this time Darrell has built up a strong reputation as an innovative and inspiring teacher.

Darrell Wakelam

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