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We all have culture and all culture is worthy of celebration. As educators, how are we culturally responsive to our students? How do we ensure we give voice to all cultures represented in our shared spaces.

This event will explore the link between culture and identity in schools and communities. It will focus on how exposure to and engagement with local, national and international culture has the potential to enrich students’ learning and improve their life chances.

This event will challenge, inform and inspire delegates with knowledge and ideas from a range of powerful voices in our community which can be used back in the classroom and beyond to promote quality teaching and a rich and inclusive curriculum.

The evening event will offer an opportunity to network and will include speakers and performances and a chance to be creative.

Daytime Event

Online. 8.45-14.45.

Ticket holders will receive, by Wednesday 29 June, access to a document which includes Zoom links for all daytime sessions. You can attend as many sessions as you wish. Some sessions will be recorded and shared here after the event.

Evening Event

In-person. 18:00-20:00. The Dairy, Waddesdon.

If you wish to attend the evening event, you will be required to register for a second ticket via Eventbrite. Speakers from the daytime, representatives of key cultural organisations, designated evening speakers, school leaders, educators and members of the wider community.

We have the capacity for 100 ticket holders at this event.


More speakers to be announced.
  • Aini Butt – 10.00 - 10.50 – Breaking Generational Curses Through Development of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Anjum Peerbacos – ‘I’m not biased… am I? This session is pre-recorded and will only be available to watch during the day of the event.
  • Arundhati Ghosal – 13.30 - 14.20 – What does it mean to be a Hindu in Bucks?: A personal account of being a parent, teacher and senior leader from a Hindu background.
  • Dr Carol Rogers, Sherrie Smith, Sally Barter: Bucks New University – 12.15 - 13.05 – Who are Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers? Understanding and supporting children in the classroom.
  • Charlotte Ryland – 12.15 - 13.05 – Spotlight on Diaspora Languages: Polish-Urdu-Romanian-Ukrainian.
  • Emily Ashton – 9.00 - 9.50 – There’s no morality in a Malteaser.
  • Hayley Walton – 12.15 - 13.05 – “How will we be together?” – Unconscious bias and the impact of racial trauma on young people.
  • Imrana Mahmood – 11.15 - 12.05 – Pause for Thought: Creative Engagement and Storytelling.
  • Inna Stokratna – Pre-Recorded – Education in times of War: what do lives of Ukrainian students look like in May 2022?
  • Jo Barber – 13.30 - 14.20 – The Importance of the Arts in Developing Critical Consciousness and Racial Literacy
  • Kwakz – 13.30 - 14.20 – "A relatable role model."
  • Lisa Stephenson – 11.15 - 12.05 – Story making as a pedagogy of belonging.
  • Lucy Rycroft-Smith – 9.00 - 9.50 –  The Equal Classroom: LGBTQ+ identities and schools.
  • Nicole Rodden – 10.00 - 10.50 – How pupil voice can influence a positive school culture.
  • Rabbi Neil Janes – 9.00 - 9.50 – What's 0.3% of 100,000? One Rabbi, 270 schools and 0.3% of the population.
  • Sabrina Reid – 9.00 - 9.50 – Welcome to the World Reimagined.
  • Sarah Johnson – 11.15 - 12.05 – How can schools support children that are displaced by war and conflict?
  • Sanum Khan – 11.15 - 12.05 – Belonging & Success: a focus on changing the narrative for Pakistani boys in secondary education.
  • Sheldon Chadwick – 10.00 - 10.50 – Mental health, education and prevention within the Showmen Community.
  • Shelina Permalloo – 10.00 - 10.50 – Learning from a Food Entrepreneur, winner of MasterChef and restaurant owner.
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