I believe an act of creativity each day can boost our wellbeing, especially at this time where we are experiencing the difficult feeling of uncertainty. The constant exposure of lockdown related information, news and social media posts is creating high levels of anxiety and worrying thoughts for many, and so I believe we should give ourselves time to play and escape through art and creativity.

64 Million Artists, a non-profit organisation, explore the relationship between creativity, mental health, and wellbeing. They set creative challenges each month and are setting daily challenges throughout May. The challenges are varied, such as, different types of art making, creative writing, collecting themed objects, mindfulness activities, photography and so on. Each challenge is set in collaboration with a partner such as artists, charities, museums, teachers, care homes etc. Choose which challenges to take part in and spend as little or as much time as you like on them before posting your creation on Instagram, Twitter or the Facebook 64 Million Artists group. Use the hashtags #CreateToConnect and #64millionartists. The challenges are great for anyone of any age to connect with others through creativity.


If you know any young people who are struggling with anxiety and panic, check out ‘Little box of calm’ activity set by YoungMindsUK to help them feel more grounded at this difficult time.


Thank you

Lucy Smith


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