Clare Putwain and Elizabeth Taylor, Learnerama – Inspiring Learning Through Drama

About the Session

Join us for practical ‘takeaway’ ideas on how to inspire learning through drama.

We will provide a brief, research-based, rationale for why drama is so beneficial to the learner before demonstrating simple but effective ideas for the non-specialist(or reluctant!) teacher,as well as explaining how to take the ideas further for the more confident or experienced.

By exploring some key and often under-used drama techniques,we will show you how you can provide motivating learning opportunities right across the curriculum. The modelled ideas will be very adaptable for different age groups and learning experiences. Simply change the context.

Our session will also highlight how, by providing engaging reading and writing opportunities for particular purposes and audiences, the learner’s communication, knowledge and skills within the subject can be promoted.

The ideas will be modelled by us. Any participation required by you will be optional and not threatening in any way. Honest!

Attendees will have access to support with how the ideas can be further developed.

Liz and Clare became friends when they studied a B.Ed in Literature and Drama at the University of Reading. They’ve spent the past thirty years promoting drama as both a subject in its own right and as a cross-curricular teaching tool to inspire child-led learning.

Together they run Learnerama–modelling best practice and supporting schools and organisations through bespoke and inspiring CPD.

Twitter: @learnerama

About Liz

After working as an English and Drama Leader and Curriculum Co-ordinator, Liz has worked for the past 17 years at a N.W. University as a Senior Lecturer. Liz has supported undergraduate and postgraduate students within both ITT and Education Studies programmes through her workshops, lectures, resources and Programme Leadership. Liz’s research has explored drama and its benefits through engaging schools with varied CPD.

Elizabeth Taylor

About Clare

After working as both a Drama and English Subject Leader, Clare has worked for the past 18 years with a huge number of schools as an Education Consultant, providing training and CPD in all areas of the curriculum but with a strong focus on English and Drama. She has helped schools to develop subject knowledge, plan their curriculum and lessons, achieve good or above grades for Ofsted, and impact on pupil progress.

Clare Putwain

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