Christian Mba – The Medium Is the Message: Using Social Media to Teach Timeless Lessons

About the Session

“Can you go to the toilet? Why didn’t you go at break? You just had twenty minutes when you could have gone before class, for heaven’s sake. I want to start the lesson now and you want to leave the class, while the rest of the students in here have already completed the first task. Err…excuse me, why are you speaking? I’m a little confused. Just because I’m talking to somebody doesn’t give you an excuse. And why are you still in your trainers? You need to put on your shoes. Right! Johnny, you’re on a warn. If I speak to you again, you’ll have to move.”

These are lyrics from my TikTok: ‘The Teacher’s Anthem. It facetiously details the experience of many educators (and students) across the world and has been viewed 11.5 million times. It serves as a reminder to me that social media is a powerful tool in connecting others to ideas, especially young people. In this talk, I showcase some of the ways I have used the Arts and social media to connect my students to timeless concepts in English Literature and enrich their educational experience.

About Christian

Christian Mba is an English and Media teacher. Born and raised in London, he currently teaches in a school in the Midlands, having taught in London for over ten years. Christian has experience as a Senior Leader and School Governor with a MA in Educational Leadership. He is passionate about improving the life chances of young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also works as a speaker, delivering revision workshops and motivational talks to young people across the UK. Christian is a digital content creator and can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and most recently, TikTok as @iammistermba.

Christian Mba

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