Charlotte Ryland – Spotlight on Diaspora Languages: Polish-Urdu-Romanian-Ukrainian

Live Illustration by Rebecca Osbourne

Live Illustration Charlotte

About the Session

This talk will show how classrooms can become more inclusive spaces if we bring diaspora languages into the foreground. Our creative translation activities establish an inclusive space of equal opportunity where all pupils’ self-esteem and cultural understanding can grow.

These gentle, scaffolded classroom activities are accessible to all, regardless of language abilities. They increase the agency of those who are familiar with the language, while opening up new worlds and perspectives to those for whom it is completely new. Our classroom resources can also be used by educators who have no knowledge of the given language.

I will focus on the Polish, Urdu and Romanian activities that we’ve been running in primary and secondary schools in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Slough, as well as our plans for working with Ukrainian young people and families in 2022-23.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Ryland is Director of the Stephen Spender Trust (SST) and founding Director of the Queen’s College Translation Exchange (QTE). By providing translators and teachers with the tools to bring translation into schools in creative, inclusive ways, both organisations enrich intercultural awareness, while raising confidence and aspiration among young people. SST has worked with over 30 educators across Bucks, Oxon and Slough since 2019, through in-school and virtual workshops, and through resources that teachers can use independently with their classes. SST is the 2022 Outreach Champion of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, in recognition of the significant impact of our virtual programmes on young people and educators during the pandemic.

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