Cate Knight – The Arts as Protective Factors in Mental Well-being

About the Session

Looking at how creativity affects us neurologically and how this can underpin therapy, intervention and recovery. Talking about physiology, psychology and sociology of Music, Art, Drama and other creative outlets and how these can be beneficial to young people as a way of expressing, connecting, realising ambitions and understand themselves.

About Cate

Cate Knight is the founder of EWAN in schools, a creative company that specialises in bringing real world learning into school settings. She has 15 qualified years experience of teaching Creative Arts, Humanities and PSHE in Mainstream schools, has been head of A level and BTEC Swift Performing Arts in Stratford.

Upon Avon and has over 30 years of practical musicianship and theatre performance and direction at her disposal. Cate is passionate about wellbeing, mental health and human rights and has led Unicef Global Issues Conferences for 1,000’s of delegates on current affairs issues, character education and other pastoral topics. She is LGBTQ Safe Space trained and has a qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is currently researching for her Masters in Character Education with Birmingham University whilst working with young people as a child counsellor with an online youth therapy service. She was the International Baccalaureate Service Learning coordinator for a top tier International school in Beijing and has proven impact in instigating and sustaining social entrepreneurial ventures with young people and building solid and vibrant community links between schools and their local areas. Cate has experience of working with young people in mental well-being and is trauma trained and ACEs instructed. She has been working along side young people aged 10-19 during the pandemic, offering therapeutic guidance, coaching and crisis management. Cate was introduced to Global Citizenship in 2010 when she worked in Malawi, East Africa and, since then, has worked to ensure that all learners have an understanding of the broader world they belong to. She has a bank of international contacts in schools around the globe and has been instrumental in creating schools links on several continents. As part of her dedication to International Cohesion, Cate has undertaken qualifications in all areasof the UN Sustainable Development Goals and can confidently help schools to embed these in their practice. @missymusician81

Cate Knight

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