Carla March Ferrer - Using Google Sites as an Ever-growing and Communal Library of Resources

About the Session

During the lockdown, we all have had to find new ways of teaching and for many of us, this meant that we had to learn to be resourceful. Even if we all know Google Sites and some of us might already use it as a way to present our subject to the whole school, I felt that we could make use of it as a more common tool. I am currently teaching the literature part of the A-Level course with my year 12 and that gave me the idea to create a google site in which students can collaborate with me and each other to build a communal library of materials which will always be accessible, well-organized and well-resourced. Students have expressed lots of positive feedback and my intention is to carry on incorporating Sites in my normal teaching as I believe it has expanded both, mine and the students horizons.

About Carla

My name is Carla March Ferrer and I am the Head of Spanish at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School. I have been teaching in the UK for four years as I am originally from Spain. I teach Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French) and there is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing my passion for my language and culture with the students.

Carla March Ferrer

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