Carl Newbould – Careers for All; Work Experiences for Young People with SEND

About the Session

‘I don’t want to sit at home doing nothing, I want to do something with my life…’

When a young person says that, we are duty bound to support them to help them find the ‘something’. How do you find ‘something’ when the young person has additional needs? When ‘something’ is work, but work is a big, scary, noisy, overwhelming, unknown thing that doesn’t always fit your needs? When it might have been assumed from an early age that ‘the something’ might be limited or even unachievable?

Careers for all creates meaningful work experience opportunities and careers support for young people with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities). In this presentation we will explore the activities we put on offer and how they are delivered. We will also discuss the transition to a covid-19 world where digital resources have been developed to adapt to changing situations. Careers for all is there to bridge the gap from learning in school to earning in the workplace. We are helping pupils find their ‘something’. We are creating the final part of the quote above ‘…and this is my first stepping stone’.

About Carl

Carl is the Learning and Access Officer for Careers for All at Leeds Museums and Galleries. He studied Primary Education at York St. John University and took an advanced professional focus module on AEN (additional educational needs). Carl has worked in museums and heritage education for over 10 years including roles at York Museums Trust, the Royal Armouries Leeds and, most recently, Leeds Museums and Galleries, managing the Careers for All project.

Careers for All is a learning programme which creates career aspiring opportunities for young people with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities). This programme was successful enough to earn the “Learning Programme of the Year 2020” at the Museums and Heritage Awards. Since then Carl has been a guest speaker at several events to promote similar work to be initiated in the wider sector. Carl has also recently consulted for the Natural History Museum and its partners to create a more accessible learning programme for their upcoming “Urban Nature Project”.

You can find Carl on twitter.

Carl Newbould

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