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About the Session

Art and the Outdoors- Serotonin Bonanza aims to explore the idea that art and outdoor education are intertwined. Our natural environment, especially within the Australian outback, is majestic, mysterious, expressive and colourful; holding so much potential for people to explore the unknown and challenge themselves to see the world from a different perspective.
From my position as a trained Visual Arts teacher who has worked in outdoor education for three years, my aim is to encourage participants to experiment with the materials of nature through continual exposure to the outdoors, reaping the benefits of Serotonin which stabilises mood and regulates emotion control. Through the boost in serotonin, anxiety levels, especially in high school aged people, significantly decline, allowing them to amplify their creative thinking within their personal life and build strong relationships with the peers around them.

Building relationships through outdoor education and artistic creation enables participants to comprehend who they really are as a person and learn more about what they are able to fully achieve as individuals.

About Bronte

Bronte Reitsema is a young Australian trained Visual Art Teacher who, for the last two years, has worked in Alternative Provision in Buckinghamshire, England. Now back in New South Wales, Australia, Bronte has chosen to work in Outdoor Education as a campsite instructor where she is able to combine her two loves of Art and the outdoors to educate and inspire young people to challenge themselves and their perceptions of the world around them. Bronte believes that art is constantly seen throughout the natural environment and should be shared with people of all ages and abilities.

A self confessed ‘trueblue Aussie’ Bronte is passionate about sharing her adventures and the challenges she has faced throughout her travels. Bronte is vocal about the importance of Art in education and how fostering relationships with children and young people develops deeper connections and understanding. Bronte is constantly striving to understand and explore new situations and loves to chat with everyone she meets.

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Bronte Reitsema

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