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‘Every work of art is an uncommitted crime’ (Adorno)

This workshop looks at responding creatively to current affair/ ‘hot’ topics of interest to students- eg “Fake News” / Black Lives MatterDrawing on my experience as a comedy performer/ writerI will demonstrate how to use techniques such as parody to stimulate artistic work which comments on relevant news stories/issues/ concerns. I will also look at the ways Arthas entertained, raised awareness and challenged power (eg Pussy Riot/ Ai Weiwei). I will then look at the contemporary work of artists Coldwater Steve/ Bull Overman and the short form video of Rosie Holt/ Michael Spicer/ SarahCooper. How do we help students to engage with such ideas? We ask them what they care about…stand back, listen and learn. Then we guide them with how to by demonstrating the forms/ tools they can utilise for their expression.

About Brian


Now – Principal Examiner Media A Level/ Tutoring Film Studies/Coach creating performance scripts/ Writing chapter on History of Alt Com for Palgrave publishing

Then – Long standing Head of Media at Outstanding 6th FormCollege, ran courses at other Colleges and at Brit SchoolTaught Media/ Film and Drama at Level 2 and 3BA Goldsmiths/ PGCE(FE) -Greenwich


Now – Media Education Association – executive member(pressure group)/ Newsliners – non profit live social media live performances

Then – Founder member Red Wedge, Artists Against Apartheid,appeared at benefit gigs for Greenpeace/ Amnesty/CND/ TerenceHiggins Trust/ War On Want Performer/ Writer – satirical comedy for Radio 1/Channel 4/ BBC 2/Capital/ BBC1/ BT Sport/ BSkyB plus live shows atarts centres/colleges. clubs, festivals including Edinburgh and Glastonbury


Now – Producer/ Bookings/ Logistics live events Newsliners/Lead team ofExaminers. Leading team of creatives on Ace of Clubsgraphic novel/TV Drama (in development)

Then – Led teams of teachers, analysed data, standardisedcoursework.Facilitated research project for Penguin books viaoxyresearch. NUT School/ LA repRan staff training in Equality and Creativity/ Videoediting

Twitter @multigums

Brian Mulligan

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