Bob Cox – The Power of Writing Challenges as Social Justice

About the Session

This presentation will make the case for the learning potential in quality texts, in particular the vital part immersion in such texts can play for developing quality writing. There will be examples of pupils’ work taken from schools designing a richer English curriculum which everyone can access. Specific writing challenges will be shared with strategies for wide application. Ultimately, issues of social justice lie at the heart of a quality text curriculum with equity and excellence facilitated by the power of the writing. Bob will model how a step by step sharing of text and drafting can build opportunity by pitching high but including everyone in a range of literary experiences.

About Bob

Bob Cox has been presenting ideas about high quality learning and English at regional, national and international conferences for thirteen years. Bob was a teacher for 23 years, before moving into educational consultancy. He is the award-winning author of the ‘Opening Doors’ series of books.

Bob has now supported about 500 schools, encouraging approaches using quality texts to quality writing routes. Developing the skills and knowledge of the teacher is at the centre of this process and how this in turn releases the energy of young writers to excel!

Recent briefs have included online presentations at the Osiris World Summit and ongoing work with Trusts, LAs and schools on creative approaches to a rich English curriculum. He has previously presented at the Education Festival in the UK and for The National Association for the Teaching of English.

The most exciting part of Bob’s work are the links with a growing network of schools and the resulting pupils’ work. Do join us!
Pupils’ Work: Bob Cox – Author Details – Crown House Publishing : link to pupils’ work via each book

Twitter: @BobCox_SFE


Free online modules: Opening Doors Online Learning Resources – YouTube

Link to Bob’s recent blog: Principles into Practice – Searching for Excellence

Bob Cox

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