Going Back to My Roots

I loved working in various schools in Bradford - as long as there was a balance between time with children and their families, colleagues, as well as external individuals and organisations.

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All the World’s Our Stage – Let’s Play

From our very early beginnings we learn to make sense of our world through play and exploration.

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The PERFORM Model for Better Mental Health of Musicians

The PERFORM Model has been developed by writer, musician and positive psychologist Tabby Kerwin as part of her research to support the mental health of musicians.

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Diversifying the Canon: Stagnation and Sensibility

In February 2020, Black Frankenstein was born. He graced the cover of a new diversity collaboration by Barnes and Nobles and Penguin Random House entitled Diverse Editions.

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Working Effectively in Partnership to Promote Creativity

Access to the arts is increasingly proving to be the preserve of the elite, with funding cuts often impacting access for young people with the least opportunity...

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Reading Is Power

When you hear the word reading, what comes to mind? Does it bring you a feeling of joy? A sense of excitement at the possibilities it holds?

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The Power of the Arts In Alternative Provision

Education often seeks conformity, but doesn’t being creative actually challenge conformity? With this in mind teaching and learning can encourage non-conformity by embracing some creative uncertainties.

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Designing the Leeds Curriculum

Everyone loves a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… Once upon a time, there was a city in Yorkshire, England called Leeds.

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Rainbow Reflections

Reflections on Isolation

I chose to use a rainbow for my reflections as it reminds us of all the key workers who have kept working through this isolation period. A blog by Helen Shakespeare.

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Creativity and Wellbeing

A blog on the importance of creativity on wellbeing by Lucy Smith.

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