Anjum Peerbacos – ‘I’m not biased… am I?

About the Session

Using real life anecdotes and narratives from my twenty-something years of experience of living, teaching and learning in London as a Muslim woman and thereby providing an insight into the lives of a visibly Muslim woman. I will also be asking the audience to consider their preconceptions regarding not just Muslims but everyone. We are all preconditioned to have biases to some degree, so how can we change our lens in our respective spheres? You can also read my contribution to Diverse Educators: A Manifesto.

About Anjum

Anjum has developed and delivered materials for schools to use on Islamophobia. Anjum has recently written for TES (Times Education Supplement), Huffington Post, Open Democracy, The Metro and The Daily Mirror. A recent project has been devised through the Institute of Education and University College London titled ‘Dwelling Together’. Other work has included co-founding AVOW (Advancing the Voices of Women), and also Hijabi Half Hour podcasts, ITV and LBC news interviews alongside BBC Radio Asian Network discussions. Anjum also hosts a show called ‘Teacher Soundbites’ on Teacher Hug Radio. The show discusses key topics and issues in education, topics discussed so far have been COVID in the classroom, exams not exams, mental health, representation in education and also teacher workload. Join in with our conversations via Twitter and @mammaanji and @TeacherHugRadio.

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