Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard – Enterprise Soapbox: Arts and Creativity in Product Design

About the Session

Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard from Innovative Enterprise will show how their Enterprise Soapbox kits and workshops can bring the concept of business and enterprise to life for students of all ages and at all stages. Whether they know it or not, young people possess an often untapped reservoir of creativity and artistic skill which this workshop helps to uncover. Starting with the same range of moulds, soapboxes, colours and perfumes, teams of students work together to create their own brand of real soap product – including packaging, branding, logo and price – whilst developing an understanding of business and teamwork.

One of the benefits is that these sessions develop employability skills and also the outline of how successful businesses operate.

About Andrew

Andrew Bernard or Bernie to everyone who knows him, was an underachiever at school, preferring to be at the back of the class instead of using his brains. He left his Grammar School with an E and a U at A level which you could say was a wake-up call. UCAS Clearing and his mum were at hand to help and he decided he needed to leave his hometown and went away to college in North Wales.

After three successful years and a Distinction in HND in Business and Finance, one of his testicles tried to kill him. Following a delicate operation and a course of chemotherapy he went on to work in numerous jobs for 17 years he still felt something was missing. He did a fire walk at 38 years old and decided he needed to work with young people.

He started Innovative Enterprise in 2006 and the company has delivered more than 1,800 workshops and talks internationally, with 160,000 people in schools, colleges and universities with a professional team of facilitators. Sessions cover creativity and enterprise with Enterprise Soapbox, Stock Market Challenge is about risk and teamwork and LAUNCH is motivation for students. His book, The Ladder, was published Feb 2021.

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Andrew Bernard

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