Amy Preedy – Get them Hooked - dance in schools and hitting the right theme

About the Session

The best way to engage pupils in dance is to “get them hooked” from the minute they meet you. From the greeting, to theme and music choice these all impact the success of your subject and the uptake at Key Stage 4. My presentation will look at what themes work well for my pupils who come from non dancing backgrounds within an area of deprivation.

About Amy

Amy has been in secondary education for 18 years. She trained at Liverpool John Moores University gaining a 2:1 degree in BA HONS Physical Education & Dance with QTS. Dance has been part of Amy’s life since the age of 3, where she studied RAD Ballet, Tap and Modern and then at A-level was introduced to the expressive world of contemporary dance. As well as teaching in secondary schools, Amy has taught as an outreach and freelance dance practitioner at Ks1 & 2 and has also taught both Ballet & Tap for local dancing schools. Previously she has been a GCSE Dance moderator for the previous specification AQA. Currently she is a Lead Practitioner on extended SLT.

Working in a borough where deprivation is high and access to the Arts can be very limited Amy has made it her mission to allow pupils to experience the Arts as a performer & choreographer as well as the visiting theatres to see live performances. In current times where Arts are under threat she feels that teachers within her secondary schools need a voice to be heard at various levels whether it be to the professional bodies or those who lead the dance companies. Understanding the time and money constraints placed on those within schools networking and attending courses can be difficult, yet she feels this needs more of a focus and be bespoke to what other dance teachers need.

Amy tweets at @MrsAPreedy

Amy Preedy

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