Amy Mulvenna – Widening Art Provisions for Children and Families during Lockdown: Where Next? London South Art Hub Case Study

About the Session

In January 2021 a third national lockdown was announced. Schools across the UK worked tirelessly as learning moved online once again. Recognising the great need for art and creativity at this time, a small team based at Charles Dickens Primary School in Southwark, London, launched London South Art Hub. Their aim was to create a free and open-access website for visual art education. London South Art Hub hosts lessons for all primary aged children aged 4-11, an online gallery, and further serves as a meaningful vehicle for established artists to engage with children and vice versa. Four months on, the team reflect on their journey: on challenges faced and overcome; on making connections with art educators, on the successes realised in engaging children with art in new ways, and the impact the Art Hub has had on young learners. A key consideration is the question of new directions for London South Art Hub going forwards.

About Amy

Dr Amy Mulvenna is a teacher and researcher invested in arts-based, creative approaches to participatory research with children and young people. She is, by admission, a child person, a map person, and a make-a-mess person! Her recently completed PhD project explored children’s creative mapping praxis in Belfast, offering insights into children’s everyday political practices and geographies in what remains an ostensibly divided society. Pivotal to her research design and methodology is the child’s right to take part in creative activity; specifically, where it relates to their personal geographies and sense of place. Amy’s specific areas of research interests intersect children’s creative geographies and critical approaches to children’s literature – the focus of her Master’s degree. She has published in the Journal of Childhood Studies, the Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography, and Entanglements Journal, and has contributed to a number of edited collections published by Routledge. Amy is currently teaching at Charles Dickens PS, an outstanding inner-London primary school. She is also co-creator and content coordinator of London South Art Hub: a free online learning research for educators, children and their families, which aims to widen access to quality Art education for all.

Amy Mulvenna

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