Alice Ludlow - Coping in Covid-19 through an NQT's eyes

About the Session

As a Newly Qualified Teacher this has been a year full of unsuspecting challenges and outcomes. I hope to begin by sharing my experience in the first 2 terms of the school year and how even in normal conditions, NQTs still face many challenges and learning opportunities. Every NQT has their own unique journey to share, and I hope by sharing mine it with give some perspective and clarity to others early in their career on the realities of becoming a teacher, supporting them in knowing they are not alone. Finally I will give my perspective on coping in the Covid-19 pandemic. Having a virtual classroom has been both an exciting development opportunity and also extremely daunting.  However, I am proud of my school community and how we have adapted. To support the children through new and different ways of learning has been an honour. Whilst I have missed out on spending some key moments in the year with my first class, I also have begun to recognise the massive impact I have had on this during this time, and I hope that will stay with them.

About Alice

I am a Year 3 Teacher in a Tring primary school but live and have grown up in Buckinghamshire. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Primary Teacher Education in 2019, having done my training in many Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire schools. During Covid-19 I have been working from home, supporting my class through Google Classrooms and I have truly been inspired by the strength of the children and feel privileged to have built such a special relationship with them. Going into my second year of teaching, I have been supplied with a unique set of skills, abilities and confidence in the importance and quality of teaching I can provide.

Alice Ludlow

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