Alfie Payne – The Hidden Impact of the Arts for Young People: Why We Can't Forget the Techies

About the Session

School productions and concerts generate a great atmosphere for the school community – the posters around buildings, the noises from the music and drama departments before friends, family and teachers gather round to watch the performances. And it’s easy to see the impact and enjoyment for the on-stage talent: it consumes them for weeks.

But what about those behind the stage? And often forgotten part of performance – but important to those taking part, nonetheless. I didn’t ‘perform’ well in my Performing Arts lessons – but I did perform well, and enjoy, the technical production elements. I gained more from mixing audio then I did from learning how to play on the keyboard.

I gained so much, in fact, that I went on to form a media and event production company – all because of the experiences I got from helping the PA departments backstage. In this talk, I’ll explore more about the hidden impact the arts can have on young people, and why we can’t be quick to dismiss anyone from engaging or accessing them: there’s a role for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to discover what the right role for them is.

About Alfie

Alfie Payne is an eighteen-year-old entrepreneur, company director and employer. The Managing Director of Ape Technology Solutions Ltd and Ape Event and Media Production Ltd, his companies employ seven people, and have – within just a year – worked with over fifty brands in three countries. Alfie puts down his interest in the industries he works in down to the extra-curricular activities he got involved with in school, such as running the sound and lighting for performing art events.

You can connect with Alfie on Twitter, at (@AlfiePayne5) and on LinkedIn, at Ape Events – your technical event partners. Ape Technology Solutions – your partner through the jungle of technology.

Alfie Payne

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