Aini Butt – Breaking Generational Curses Through Development of Emotional Intelligence

About the Session

As individuals develop self-awareness, they may find themselves in conflict with habits and beliefs underpinned by core values that have been ingrained over the years.

Often it is the unlearning of those beliefs and habits that do not serve a purpose anymore that we struggle with. While reflection may allow for recognition of the emotions, it often does not go beyond surface level; therefore, the vicious generational cycle continues.

During this session, examples will be given of a reflective process and how to go beyond the surface to allow for critical self-reflection in order to explore the core values underpinning our thoughts and habits. Where do these values stem from? Are they in direct conflict with other core values? How do we develop a level of self-awareness to unlearn toxic beliefs?

Furthermore, the session will highlight how educators can facilitate opportunities for development of Emotional Intelligence within the classroom in order to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of emotions through critical self-reflection.

About Aini

Currently, Aini Butt is working in the role of a primary school teacher and Philosophy for Children (P4C) Lead in an Inner-London primary school in Year Five. She is passionate about developing children’s critical thinking skills through P4C. Furthermore, she aims to create a classroom environment where children are given opportunities to develop Emotional Intelligence. Reflecting on her lived experiences through Art, her blog, and poetry has allowed her to become more self-aware; therefore, she endeavours to motivate others to recognise the importance of Emotional Intelligence, especially in educational settings.

Twitter: @aini_butt


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