Aini Butt – Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Art

About the Session

There is a relentless emphasis on quantifying students’ academic abilities in educational settings; however, today more than ever, education requires a paradigm shift to ensure that our students become self-aware individuals in ever-changing society.

Firstly, I will deliver a brief overview of the key components of EI followed by research-informed strategies and approaches, including Philosophy for Children (P4C). Drawing upon my classroom practice, I will be sharing resources and discussing how developing philosophical sensitivity can support educators in creating opportunities for their students to explore self-awareness in emotionally safe spaces. Finally, I am happy to answer any questions you may have after listening to my presentation.

About Aini

Currently, Aini Butt is working in the role of a primary school teacher and Philosophy for Children (P4C) Lead in an Inner-London primary school in Year Five. She is passionate about developing children’s critical thinking skills through P4C. Furthermore, she aims to create a classroom environment where children are given opportunities to develop Emotional Intelligence. Reflecting on her lived experiences through Art, her blog and poetry has allowed her to become more self-aware; therefore, she endeavours to motivate others to recognise the importance of Emotional Intelligence, especially in educational settings.

TWITTER: @aini_butt

Aini Butt

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