Adrian Bethune and Emma Kell - Stress Management and Self-Care During Exceptional Times

About the Session

This session will offer practical tips from research and the experiences of other educators on ‘doing up your own seatbelt’ and caring for your most precious resource: yourself based on our upcoming book: A Little Guide For Teachers. Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care.

A clip of a BBC Horizon documentary is referenced which can’t be included for copyright reasons. You can watch the clip here.

About Adrian

Adrian Bethune is a teacher, Healthy Body & Mind Leader at a primary school in Aylesbury and the Education Policy co-lead at the Mindfulness Initiative. He also delivers wellbeing-focused training in schools across Europe through his organisation In 2012, he was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal by Lord Richard Layard at the House of Lords for his work on developing wellbeing in schools. In 2015, he was invited to speak at the Action For Happiness event, Creating A Happier World, on stage with the Dalai Lama. Adrian is author of the award-winning Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom – A Practical Guide To Teaching Happiness (Bloomsbury, 2018). He writes regularly for the TES and has contributed to several other books including Global Perspectives in Positive Education (John Catt, 2018), Children and Young People’s Mental Health Today (Pavilion, 2019), and Just Great Teaching (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Adrian Bethune

About Emma

Dr Emma Kell has over 20-years experience as a teacher and senior leader. Emma works as Teaching School Lead for Aspire AP and as a senior teaching fellow for the Institute of Education. Emma is a Specialist Leader in Education and works as an associate for the National Foundation for Educational Research and Education Support Partnership to support teacher recruitment and retention. She has written several articles and blog posts on school leadership and the pressures of teaching, and has recently completed a doctorate on teacher well-being and work-life balance at Middlesex University. Emma is author of How To Survive in Teaching (Bloomsbury, 2018), writes regularly for the TES and set up her company to support teachers.

Emma Kell

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